House Updates {Part 3}

Last weekend we had Mike’s interns over for dinner. Turns out it was the fire I needed to get this house into order… Not that it wasn’t in “order” before, but we accomplished so many house projects in one day that I think our heads exploded.

IMG_2654The picture above makes me all sorts of happy. Our hallway? It’s done! Do you see all those doors? Well there are 3 more that you cannot see and doorways are SO time consuming. This phase of the trim process was looong. We finished the trim awhile ago but still had doors to do. I finally finished my last two doors last week.

IMG_2644BeforeAfter HallwayBeforeAfter Hallway2

Like I said, all sorts of happy.

While I’m talking about trim, here is a before and after of our 3 bedroom doorways. The one on the left is our closet, the middle is the bathroom, and the right goes towards the hallway.

BeforeAfter Bedroom

Mike and I have been talking about making three small changes around here for a looong time…

1. The brown vent covers that are bent and gross needed to go.
2. Build firepit in the back.
3. Add crates above our toilet for toilet paper and other bathroom type things.

All three projects are CHEAP because we have all the supplies for 2 and 3 and vent covers are like 6$ at Home Depot. You might already know where this is going, but on Friday we finally accomplished all three.


I refrained from sharing the before photo of the vent in the kitchen. You can thank me for that later – the coated on food and gunk went straight to the trash.


We made the firepit (and by We I mean Mike) with stones from our front yard “landscaping”. That word is in quotes because I’m not even sure it can be considered true landscaping. But FREE!


You might remember these crates from our Sterling TV stand? Well they got a fresh coat of gray paint to match our other shelves in the bathroom and a good 3 months later they ended up on the wall.

You could say that punctuality is not a gift of mine. But we are HAPPY with our updates.

I updated you in these posts {HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE} on our house. You can see all our journey to Wichita posts HERE though if you want to see everything. And HERE is our house tour of the listing photos. Eventually I will start a home tour page, but that would require me to actually finish decorating a room… and I would say I’ve hardly started decorating – so there’s that.

Happy Wednesday!
Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons