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Hi! We’re the Jaderstons! I’m Kelsey, author and creator of this blog. With me above is my husband Mike, supporter of all things creative, and my son Dwayne, master of looking cute at all times.


We were married on July 7th, 2012, but still consider ourselves newlyweds.

Our marriage has been so fun and exciting but our biggest adventure has definitely been our baby boy, Dwayne Henry: Birth Story {part one} {part two}. We welcomed him into the world on May 2nd, 2016.

This blog has been a way to document our lives through newlywed bliss, house hunting fiascos, home decorating attempts, DIY projects, our pup Alfred, and our newest Jaderston baby.


I am so happy you’re here. Stay awhile and enjoy the musings of “newlywed” life.

Contact: kelseyjaderston {at} gmail {dot} com

All things pregnancy is HERE

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Love, The Jaderstons


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