Our Story {Engagement Party}

Engagement PartySo at this point we are engaged, excited, and so happy.

After Mike promised me the three things I started asking him other questions. I wanted to know who all knew we were getting engaged and who helped him set all this stuff up – and guess what?

He lied to me!

We’d been engaged for approximately 25 minutes and he lies!

His responses were that his best friend, Samuel, helped him set up (true) and that only his parents knew about us getting engaged tonight (lie). He also said he had asked my dad but that they didn’t know when it was happening (lie).

He then suggested that we head back to his parents’ house to call our friends and family.

It was about a 10 minute walk – it was blissful. I was so happy and still in shock.

When we finally got back to his parents house we were happily welcomed by EVERYONE we love! My family wasn’t there on this night because of other conflicts, but we celebrated with them the next day. Now do you see why he lied?

It was a lie that was well worth it.

Engagement Party Engagement PartyMy (now) sister-in law!

Engagement PartyMy new brother!
Engagement PartyThe girls!Engagement Party Engagement Party Engagement PartyShe grabbed the wrong hand for the photo – which is why I’m laughing so hard in the photo below.
Engagement Party Engagement Party Engagement PartyRoomie at the time – love you Miss!
Engagement PartyThe pure excitement from this bride to be!
Engagement PartyMy lifelong friend Emily. We met at WMW and have been friends since.Engagement Party

If you can’t tell from the photos, it was a great time. We celebrated until the late hours of the night and the next morning I woke up to a beautiful ring on my finger and a wedding to plan. Seriously cannot express how wonderful this night was. It was perfect for us – for our future. I love looking back on this day and remembering all these people – in one place – to celebrate us and the fact that Jesus brought us together for His good and to do good in this world – TOGETHER!

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week at its halfway point has been great!
Love, KJ

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Love, The Jaderstons