Home again

Mike and I skipped town on Saturday evening to get some quality time away and to celebrate our anniversary for a quick 24 hours before reporting back for duty in Sterling. It was a great time away from home. The Alf man stayed with my inlaws so we were completely stress free. It’s funny to me that we went on “vacation” just one hour away from our home but sometimes it’s what you have to do. We shut our phones down, rented a movie, ordered food to our hotel room, and rested together. Much needed rest.

I’m not sure if I mentioned on here last week that Mike was battling a sickness. We went into the doctor last week and were told it was an upper respiratory infection that should last a week. We have both now come down with this sickness and he is still running a fever after 8 days of being sick. It was a sour ending to our time away, but I’m glad to be home and in our own bed. We’d love prayers for wise doctors tomorrow and hopefully a remedy for this pain Mike is feeling. It’s not ideal that sickness hit 1 week before camps begin, but we are trusting that our things will get done. We did successfully purchase snacks for 110 little kiddos today so I am pleased with that. One less thing we need to do this week.

Thanks for keeping updated with our lives.
There is much more to say but I will say it when I am thinking more clearly and not so worried about the fever my husband is running or the piles of dishes that need to get scrubbed.
Many blessings,
The Jaderstons