Our Story {The Proposal}

Featured ImageA year and a half had gone by since we first started dating.

We had another summer at the woods together. He was on leadership and I was a counselor. Later that summer, Mike left the country for a few weeks for a mission trip to Fiji. We spent two weeks working together at Northern Pines.

Many times before we had talked about “the future”. It hadn’t been an *easy* summer by any means but the future was something we could talk about in comfort.

He told me he loved me our first summer at the woods together. He had never said it before and told me when we first met that he would only say it to his wife (future wife).

We knew we were going to get engaged. We knew we were going to be married. I knew he was going to be my husband.

I did not know when.

In fact, I was told on many occasions that it would not be soon. He couldn’t afford a ring, I still had a year of school, he still had TWO years of school… I would get suspicious and then NOTHING would happen.

He had a plan though. The lying was his way of making sure I was completely surprised and it worked.

October 6th, 2011.

We had had a great week of long distance (if that even exists). It was the week before my fall break and I knew I was going to see him that weekend. I remember sitting on my porch in Lawrence, talking to him on the phone about our weekend. We were going to spend the first few days with his family and then drive to Wichita to spend the last few days with mine.

I got to Sterling that evening and didn’t notice anything different. He was happy to see me. I was happy to see him. We sat on the couches in his living room and talked to his mom and brother. There was even a moment when Mike claimed to not know the date – but he was lying because he had spent many hours before working on a picture frame with the date in it for me.

I suspected nothing.

We went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Potrillo in Lyons, KS. Our food was delicious and we had great conversation about the future. I asked him again if he thought we would get engaged soon and he told me he was proud of me for being so patient and trusting in the Lord’s timing. He made it seem like it would still be months off even though we both wanted to get married that next summer.

Again, suspected nothing.

He suggested a long walk when we got home because of all the food we ate. We like to do this after all our big meals so again, not surprised. We went back to his parents house and I changed into a sweatshirt and some more comfy shoes. We walked to the lake in Sterling where we sat on a bench for awhile and he told me how excited he was about youth group that year. We talked about not wanting to be long distance anymore.

We got up to leave and he stopped me for a hug. He started saying things and talking about how much he loved me. He loved that I had a relationship with the Lord and that I had given this relationship over to Him. Then the next thing I knew he was on his knee asking me to be his bride.

I freaked.

I believe my words exactly were… “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.”

I literally – in ALL ways – did not see this coming! But of course I said yes. We hugged and I cried. The ring was PERFECT. I was shaking and just in awe. He was so happy. We were so happy.

I was engaged. What?!?

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Love, KJ

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Love, The Jaderstons