Life {Lately}

Hey friends! Warning: this post could be completely random, all over the place, and whatever else comes to mind. You can’t say you weren’t warned…

1. How’s the 31 Days going? I had a lot of feedback from friends who are joining me on this challenge. It’s going really well for me (and I’m completely shocked!). I honestly didn’t think I could do this consistently because I’ve failed so many times in the past and somehow I’m on day 10 and excited to read tomorrow. Seriously, how’s it going for you? I hope you’re loving reading the word and learning at the same time.

2. Umm… been waking up earlier than I ever have before. If you know me, you know that all my life I have waited until the last possible moment to wake up – especially for things like work and school. So, for my 8:00 work day I try to be out of bed by 7:30 but it usually ends up being a panicked rush at 7:40 and leaving the house at 7:50. Yep, just being honest here. It was the same in college too, ask any of my roomies, but this week I have made a HUGE leap in waking up before work. I haven’t snoozed as often and I’m able to get 10-20 minutes of morning yoga/pilates in before I start getting ready. It also allows me to have my time in the word before I start my day – what? It’s been so good.

Another perk to waking up earlier? I am actually able to wake up earlier! I usually “drag” for the first hour of work, but this week I’ve been more alert and feel so much more rested when I get home from work. It’s amazing. Here’s to keeping it up and not snoozing till 7:40 again…

3. Ordered my first pair of riding boots the other day. Love them and cannot wait for the weather to be consistently fall-like so I can wear them more often. Oh and they were $35.00… I got them at UrbanOg and really not kidding when I say $35.00.UrbanOg Boots

4. It really wouldn’t be a life lately without some #alfiegrams. He’s so fun – we love our dog.IMG_3077IMG_3069IMG_3087IMG_3102

5. Been wearing my glasses consistently. I wore my contacts a few days ago and they bothered my all day long and then I couldn’t get them back in the next day… So glasses and hopefully scheduling an eye appointment in the next week.

6. I made these brownies last night for bible study. SO. GOOD. SO. GOOD. SO. GOOD. And they even turned out as beautiful as this original post photo. No pinterest failing here!Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 8.54.02 PM7. So glad the weekend is almost here. Mike is on fall break right now and it’s so hard for me to go to work when he is on vacay at home! I must clarify though that it’s not actually vacay for him… He has a job and a life.

Well, thanks for listening to that random rant of all things.  I hope you’re having a great Thursday! Stay tuned for Our Proposal story tomorrow!

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