Celery Snatcher

Alfred snatched a piece of celery from Mike today and that is just about as exciting as it gets around here. Besides the 16 inches of snow and the flu bug that’s about all we’ve got. My trip this weekend got pushed because of the snow and Mike’s trip to the woods got canceled as well. We’re trying to keep our spirits high and realize that things like this happen and maybe this weekend at home is exactly what we need. Snowed in time to relax and watch movies and snuggle with the snuggliest pup.IMG_4773IMG_4777IMG_4783IMG_4786

I am doing my best to get lots done around the house. We’ve been here for almost 8 months and there is still so much to be done with this little house. I consider it as a never ending project and I love it. Today – my project was organizing the entertainment center. Since the flu has hit me and made me weaker than a baby kangaroo I thought it was the perfect distance from the couch. Also, used up some spray paint that needed some love.Before-After TV Stand

I was originally going to use the crates as shelves but my vision included wood stain and I didn’t have that type of motivation so here we are. Spray painted crates with lots of fun new belongings that call them home. I love it and already feel so much better about some of the clutter.

Snow days are good for so many different things.

Happy Weekend, World!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons