Growing out the Pixie {28 weeks}

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Well it’s official… It took me about 6.5 months to grow out my pixie. I no longer have a pixie, but a short bob style!

I skipped 24 weeks (because I forgot) and feel ok about it because I am no longer in the pixie stage. So I think this will be my last pixie progress post for awhile. Watching my hair grow from here could be quite the boring experience – just being honest.

I have hit a milestone with this pixie growth project though… A PONYTAIL!


It’s now my favorite “working around the house” hairstyle but also gives me headaches since it has been so long… So I only keep it up for a few hours and then back down it goes.

Now for my pixie selfies!

June 2014

This is a really great length for me (in my opinion). I might even decide to keep trimming it back to this length and for whatever reason my hair is thinner than it has ever been at this length so it is much easier to style/live with on these hot summer days! I am very pleased.

My husband is still my hairstylist, but we haven’t had to make any trims since week 20. I might get the back trimmed up in the next 2 weeks just for good measure. Overall? I am loving this stage of the pixie growth – I am officially out of the “awkward” and into a more natural look.

My straightener is becoming my friend again. The hair is long enough now that I’m not at risk of burning my fingertips when trying to style it. I’m also still using hairspray to keep my bangs back, but mostly they’re clipped back with a bobby pin.

So to encourage those just now starting to grow out your pixie? Just push through to the 6-7 month mark and you will be so happy that you did. Also, if these pixie posts were helpful to you please share them with your friends and followers.

Happy Monday! Happy Pixie is gone day!
Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons