Growing Out the Pixie {44 weeks}

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44 weeks in and still no professional haircut! That is growing out a pixie on a budget. Just enlist your very willing and loving husband to do the dirty work for you! I thought I would get one in the last 8 weeks, but just never got around to it/don’t know where to go. So, here I am with longer hair than before!

My hair is definitely getting more fun. Before I pretty much had 1 style – straight-ish. I am able to really curl it now but also can really straighten it. It is also officially a headband (the kind that tucks behind your ears not around your whole head) only ponytail – as long as I keep the ponytail close to my neck (insert thumbs up emoji here).

October 2014IMG_5393 - Version 2

It’s so weird looking back to pictures from a year ago when I was really rockin’ the pixie. It’s hard to believe that my hair was ever that short!

It should probably go without saying that I love my hair at every new stage and I’m grateful for healthy hair that grows “quick-ish”

So that is pixie update #9! 11 months in and itching for a change but loving where we’re at.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons