Arizona With My Love

Mike and I hopped on a jet plane to escape from the colder Kansas weather for a weekend getaway in Arizona. It ended up being about the same weather in Zona as it was in Kansas, but we had a wonderful time nonetheless.


We were so blessed by my parents who made this trip happen for our anniversary back in July. We spent lots of time relaxing, did some shopping and swimming, and we were intentional about turning our phones on silent to enjoy the solitude… oh and the food.

We ate like kings and queens and we only have a few (that wasn’t healthy) regrets now that we’re home and back to reality.


We also tried to enjoy the different scenery. Arizona is a desert, we live on a prairie, so it was definitely a change of pace keeping our eyes peeled for rattle snakes and bobcats.


There is a small mountain behind the place we stayed and we hiked it a couple times. Mike hiked it a couple more times than I did, but we went up there on Sunday evening for the sunset. It was beautiful. I can’t go to Arizona without setting aside an evening to watch the sunset. It’s so fun watching the sun go down past the mountain ranges.


The view from the top is just stunning.

On our last morning there, Mike ventured up the mountain and called me to come outside with my camera. We usually just hike up to the first “peak” and call it good because the views are amazing, but he decided to make his way to the second “peak”. If you look very closely at these photos you can see a blurry Mike with his arms spread wide.


We left Arizona with full bellies and refreshed minds. We really needed a weekend away to reset. It was amazing, if you haven’t already figured that out.


Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons