Growing Out The Pixie {8 weeks}

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Growing out this pixie is taking forever. I realize it’s only been 8 weeks and that is still a fresh newborn, but I’m ready to have longer hair again. Every day is a struggle on styling it/making it lay flat and the awkward stage is real. I haven’t had a trim since 1 week in – life has been a little crazy – but hopefully this week we will be able to chop off the back of my hair. If I go much longer the helmet I’m wearing will look more like a mullet…

No mullet for me, please!

Growing Out A Pixie Haircut

Overall? It’s going well. I still get lots of compliments on my hair cut (which I take as a really good sign) and each stage brings a new challenge for me. I’ve never ever been a stylish hair person. When my hair was really long I would just wear it straight, curly, or in a ponytail. The pixie has introduced me to hairspray, hair paste, hair products, etc and I’m honestly enjoying the challenge. I’m actually having fun with my hair and that has never happened before.

This is where we’ve been…

Growing Out A Pixie HaircutGrowing Out A Pixie HaircutGrowing Out A Pixie Haircut

Happy Monday and happy hair growth! See all my hair growth updates HERE.
Love, KJ

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Love, The Jaderstons