House Updates {Part One}

Okay, I know I said I’d be back Wednesday with final photos of the third bedroom, but I got lazy and as I sit here on Thursday evening the closet doors are still drying. I’ll get to it though… I promise.

So anyways, wanna know what we’ve been up to besides painting trim? It’s not much, but I will tell you the little things because I know you wanna know… deep down.

The Office ShelvesThe Office Ikea Racks

So we started with shelves. Once we got the desk done I was ready for some more organization in the office. Shelves were my solution and I love them! I then painted two Ikea Spice Racks white and added those below for my paints and mason jars. I had one of those “I love organization and I love everything organized” days and it was awesome.

Also, the Ikea spice racks? Worth it.

The Master Bedroom

Alright we didn’t really do a lot in here. We bought some shoe shelves from Target and I made the bed (for the first time since we moved in). I also hung my scarf organizer yesterday so my scarves are officially off the floor!


I told you I loved the spice racks. I painted two more of them gray and they were up rather quickly in the bathroom. We don’t have any drawers in the bathroom, just cabinets, so we’re doing our best to get creative with our space. In the family room I just hung a shelf and moved a bookshelf to sit underneath it. It’s not much, but it makes this just moved into house feel more like a home.

So there you have it! That’s what we’ve been working on in this house – well that and painting trim and making big plans for our basement family room.

Happy Thursday!

Do you have any fun updates going on at your house?!

Love, KJ

Love, The Jaderstons