House Updates {part two}

We’ve been working with white paint a lot. I have a whole paint station set up in the basement and a room full of doors that need to be painted.IMG_1582

I don’t think I’ve hit “I hate everything about paint and never want to paint a piece of trim again,” but I know I’m getting close – and my motivation is slowly decreasing. So the doors aren’t painted yet, but the third bedroom is 100% done.


Isn’t it pretty? I’ve started storing things in the closet (suitcases, bags, and Christmas decorations) but I’m trying to leave some room free since this will eventually be a guest bedroom. Also, painting the closet white was a huge pain, but makes a HUGE difference. I know I won’t want to paint the other closets in this house, but I think I will grit my teeth and bear it because it makes such a huge difference! Just for comparison sakes here is the before of this room…IMG_1125IMG_1126Before & After

I’ve also started a few other projects. One of them is this bookcase.


I bought it at Walmart my freshman year of college – so that makes it 5 years old. It has been with me in every place I’ve lived since then and is beat up and ugly. The top had started to chip off and it just looked gross. I forgot to take a true before photo, but trust me, it was bad. I started with coat of primer and then two coats of paint.IMG_1563IMG_1566IMG_1573IMG_1576IMG_1577

I’m not sure if this is where it will stay. I really want a table like this in our entryway, but this beautiful new white bookshelf will do for now! I need to find something to fill the top two shelves though. I’m sure I’ve got something in this mess…


The 2nd bedroom is always one step forward and then 3 steps back. Right now we’ve been walking backwards for like 14 steps…

Here is one last update before I leave you… The scarf holder is up!


I also feel like I should mention how much we love our new couch. We hosted Betsy’s birthday celebration on Friday evening and spent the whole evening on the couch eating yummy food and watching Netflix.


Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re working on little things around your house that make you love it even more (assuming you love where you live).

Love, KJ

Love, The Jaderstons