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Hey, guess what?! It’s a SNOW DAY! Mike is home from work – working from home I suppose – and I am catching up on laundry and house projects that need to be finished before this weekend. AKA the basement. We are having guests this weekend and I think they would really appreciate a door on the bathroom and their bedroom.

Prepare yourselves for a photo dump of this last week with Katie. We had a blast – and now we’re both recovering with a day of snow.


I spent some sweet quality time with this little guy during a basketball game awhile back. He was so sleepy but was too excited about the game to rest his eyes. He was so sweet.


We had a couple really cold days last week so before school we did some serious bundling. How cute are these animal hat scarves?! She also has a husky one… precious.


IMG_3789 IMG_3792IMG_3796IMG_3800IMG_3809IMG_3811IMG_3820IMG_3834IMG_3839IMG_3840

{1} a cookie nightcap
{2} kansas day
{3} wednesday night youth group
{4} crockpot meal
{5} breaking ground on the doors
{6} coloring
{7} napping
{8} kansas sunrise
{9} celebratory snow day dance
{10} SNOW
{11} SNOW

It was a great week and we are loving the snow. I wasn’t loving it yesterday when I made a quick trip to the grocery store. It was like apocalypse mixed with absolute fear had taken over all the humans. That’s the last time I go to the store the day before a snow storm!

How is your snow day? Building snowmen or snuggling up by a fire?

Happy Tuesday!
Love, KJ

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Love, The Jaderstons