Our Wedding {The Rehearsal}

 This is post #6 in our wedding series. You can get updated on post #1 {here}, post #2 {here}, post #3 {here}, post #4 {here}, post #5 {here}, post #6 {here}.

Our wedding rehearsal was so much fun. We had dinner and desserts at the clubhouse right by my parents house after the actual wedding rehearsal at the church. We had our best man, maid of honor, parents, and friends share their toasts after the rehearsal dinner instead of at the wedding. I loved doing it this way because the toasts seemed much more personal and there wasn’t a time constraint. I don’t have any photos from the dinner, but know that it was beautiful, wonderful, and Mike and I both felt so loved and supported.


Happy day! We come home from Pines this weekend!! I’m so excited to see Alf…

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Love, The Jaderstons