Our Wedding

Guess what guys?? I’ve been married for a year and a half, had this blog for a year and a half and have yet to do any recap or share about our wedding! Well, the time is NOW!

I do want to share every little detail for my own personal keepsake so I will be sharing lots of photos and telling lots of stories. I’m sure at times you will want to just scroll to the bottom and move on, but it’s not all about you – just kidding (kinda).

Also I am hoping that this will force me to go through our wedding photos and start to assemble our wedding album that we already paid for through our photographer. (umm a year and a half too late)

We’ll start at the beginning. The engagement (part 1 and part 2) was perfect. I had all my friends and family in one place to celebrate Mike and I coming together to be wed.

I remember the day after our engagement pretty clearly. I slept in Sterling on Mike’s parents couch. I woke up early feeling wide awake and just in awe of the night before. I remember going for a jog (not sure why, I wasn’t into running really) and just sitting at the lake in Sterling and staring at the ring. It was a cloudy and kinda sad day, but I was just happy. So happy.

We drove to Wichita and had dinner with my family at ironically the place our reception would be.

I took this photo on our drive to see my family.


The ring was too big, so taking it to the jeweler to get sized was also on our list of things to do in Wichita. I had to wait for what felt like an eternity to get my ring back too because it’s made out of palladium and the jeweler had to buy a new tool in order to resize it. My ring was special because it was the first one of that metal type that he had ever resized, but I wanted it back.

I was on Fall Break at the time of our engagement so I got lots of family time over the long weekend. That included dominos and Life with the littlest sis who looks so young in these photos.

I was pretty excited to be meeting a stop sign “life event” in real life.

I did finally get my ring back and then I quickly had to head back to Lawrence to resume life as a college student with a semester and a half left. Booo.


I will hold myself back from sharing the 45,000 other ring photos I took on my phone at the time. You could say I was filling the stereotype of a recently engaged college girl. But I couldn’t help myself, I loved my sparkly new ring!

Also, on the topic of college, I was in a class about Judaism at the time, and this is how  I would “take notes” – very productive!


So this was the start of our journey. We were living 3.5 hours apart and planning a wedding. I had the best wedding coordinator that I could dream of (my momma) – while we’re on this topic I think it should be said that she should go into the business of coordinating because WOW she knows how to get stuff done.

We were engaged on October 6, 2011 and we were to be married July 7, 2012 – almost exactly 9 months of engagement and this series will recap everything that I can remember about wedding planning and then our wedding. Enjoy!

Love, Kelsey


Love, The Jaderstons