Engagement Photos

This is post #3 in our wedding series. You can get updated on post #1 {here} and post #2 {here}.

Over Christmas break (2011) we chose our wedding photographer and with our wedding package we got a session of engagement photos. I was pumped about this because Mike and I had never really taken photos together – just little iphone ones from random times. So, on December 30th we headed out to the Great Plains Nature Center to snap some photos. For December 30th it was actually a really nice day – until the end when you can tell that my nose was starting to get a little red.

Something that was unique with Mike and I was that we didn’t kiss in any of our engagement photos. We actually never kissed in front of anyone until the day we got married. I love that we kept those moments to ourselves until we declared our marriage in front of all of our family and friends. I also loved that our photographer loved our desire not to kiss. We felt no pressure at all and had a really relaxed and fun evening.


My thoughts/comments:

I want that hair back. NOW.
I love that we laughed so much together.
The Nature Center was stunning – even in the dead of winter.

Happy Wednesday!
Love, Kelsey


Love, The Jaderstons