Five on Friday

5onFridayHey! I am linked up with darciaprilchristina and natasha again today for a five on friday!

How are we on this beautiful Friday? I’m up late this morning because a certain smoke detector decided to die in the middle of the night… I’m not going to name names, but HE BEEPED ALL NIGHT! Besides not getting a great nights sleep, I’m excited about the sunshine today.

1. Family Outing

I know on our last 5 on Friday that I talked about loving the spring weather – well guess what? We’re still loving it. I have been taking Alfie on walks or runs almost everyday and I think he is in puppy heaven. Sometimes in the evenings Mike gets to come walk with us as well. We snapped this family photo and I took this video of the boys playing in a field by our home.


2. Spring Cleaning

I deep cleaned our entire kitchen. I’ve been a little bit afraid to pull out our stove since we moved in. You could see that it was dirty down the sides, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as dirty as it was. I’m ashamed that it took me that long to really get it cleaned. I’m relieved now though – and I rewarded myself with fresh juice and a spring outfit.


3. Spring Cleaning (again)

This is less of a clean the house clean and more of a clean up the lifestyle clean. I’ve mentioned Argus in another 5 on Friday. Well it turns out that Argus was the push I needed to really adjust the unhealthy ways I was living. We’re eating cleaner and working out very consistently – I’m also watching my thoughts really closely and praying that they would be more healthy, positive and God pleasing. It was been a good challenge that I’ve already seen a lot of growth from – Praise God.


That is $23 worth of produce from Aldi that I brought home and cleaned then cut up and put into containers for easy healthy snacks. Thanks Pinterest for that lovely idea. My fridge looks so pretty and healthy (excluding the white paint that forever sits waiting for the next door to tackle)

4. Sewing Projects

I’ve been trying to use my sewing machine that Mike got me for my birthday more now that the office is relatively set up. Yesterday I tackled a jean project. I took some jeans from being super flare that fit me really well to being boot cut that now fit me even better. I really love a good pair of jeans that are comfy – these jeans are those and now I will wear them more often! Super flare just isn’t my style anymore.

Flare to Bootcut Jeans

What do you think? I am amazed at how successful I was – I was pretty nervous making a cut into these really nice jeans.

5. Wedding Recap

If you’ve missed it, we’re recapping our wedding on the blog. Yes, the wedding that happened almost two years ago. We did engagement photos on Wednesday and some planning posts before that. Don’t forget to check those out!


Happy Friday!
Love, Kelsey


Love, The Jaderstons