Our Wedding {Paper Goods}

This is post #4 in our wedding series. You can get updated on post #1 {here}, post #2 {here}, post #3 {here}.


The paper goods I will cover in this post are… Save the Dates, Invitations, and the programs. They weren’t anything super fancy, but they were all designed by my momma and myself.

I was so afraid when designing these things that I would look back someday and hate everything we did. 2 years in and I’m still very happy with them (phew!) and when I took them outside this evening to take some photos of them I got chills remembering the first time I got to see them before we sent them out.

Save the Dates

We did two variations of save the dates simply to save money on stamps. We mailed out postcards to our family and family friends and then emailed a fun little note to our young friends. Looking back I kinda wish we had just mailed a postcard to everyone – it was a little confusing knowing whether or not people had gotten them, but oh well.

Here is the emailed version…

And here is the postcard version…
FINAL MailerFINAL Mailer2


Ok, the invitations were my favorites though. The idea of letterpress invites was always really appealing to me (and luckily also appealing to my momma. We went and met with the printers and shared with them our ideas and they threw us a really great bone called embossing. So, we decided to design them with both in mind (essentially pushing from both sides of the paper to give the words a really fun texture). Obvi I am not a professional in the print industry. My older sister is probably cringing right now… Sorry Jenn.

So here is the design…

ScheerInvite 5-6-12ScheerInsert 5-6-12

And here are some real life photos of them after printing.


I love that we got to keep our copper plates too. At some time in the future – probably not the near future – I will mount them in a frame with the invites.

Wedding Programs

And last but not least is our wedding programs. They are essentially a continuation of our wedding invitations but without all the fancy pressing and embossing. Just simple print.


And that’s a wrap! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

Love, The Jaderstons