And we’re off

In 11 hours I suppose…

I’ve been absent this week, mostly because we’ve been running around with our heads chopped off but also because I’ve been writing posts for these next two weeks that we’re in Wisconsin without an internet connection. It’s been a good week of craziness in prepping for camp and also some great family fun.

My mother in-law and my brother in-law had a birthday this week! On Wednesday night we all got together (minus my in-laws because they were traveling to camp) and celebrated them (in spirit and in person).

IMG_4869Honesty hour: I’m still wearing that same shirt… Thursday has been a whirlwind

IMG_4868Here is our sad pup in his birthday hat – no worries he perked back up once we took it off

I’m sure gonna miss Alfred. But that will get us entirely off topic…

We leave tomorrow morning! Our bags are “packed” and our car is full. We’re excited for two weeks away at camp. This is Mike and I’s fourth year spending two weeks together at Northern Pines and our third year being the directors of the 4th – 6th grade program.

IMG_4874IMG_4880Now I just need Mike to fill up the rest of those suitcases….

K BYE! I’ll be back (live in action) in 2.5 weeks! But no worries, I have some fun wedding posts planned for you while I’m away.

Love, The Jaderstons