Jaderston Baby: 40 Weeks!


How far along: 40 weeks!

How big is baby: About the size of a watermelon, and not those cute mini ones, the full size heavy ones.

Gender: It’s a BOY

Movement: His movements have slowed down a little bit maybe? But he’s still pretty active. Mike can almost always feel his little feet sticking out and he responds to Mike’s voice. So sweet. He appears to be pretty content on the inside though.

Sleep: I no longer sleep well… I cramp more during the night and that will sometimes keep me awake. I also am having some hip pain. If I stretch out my legs during the night my hips will lock up and I have to get up and stretch or walk around to make the pain go away. Not fun.

Symptoms: Exhaustion. Occasional swelling. Heartburn, still, but not as often. Hip pain. Feeling huge.

Pelvic Pain: The pain comes and goes as expected. Some days are manageable and others are more difficult. So happy to be nearing the end and holding onto hope that quickly after delivery my ligaments will stabalize.

Labor signs: Still just lots of braxton hicks and some cramping. I am pretty sure I will be a 41+ weeks first time mom and that’s ok. We’re being patient and trying hard to just trust my body.

Cravings/Aversions: Not craving too much. My appetite has decreased this week. Mike did surprise me with a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera this morning though and that made me real happy.

Maternity clothes: Umm yes. I wear Mike’s shirts everyday that I don’t need to be presentable and some days that I do… Whoops! I packed some of my “looser” shirts in my hospital bag though and I’m so excited to be able to wear those again after the baby is born.

Workouts: No workouts due to pain. We’ve been trying to go on a walk everyday but I am slow moving. Alfie loves it though.

Nursery: The nursery is about as ready as it will be for the babe to arrive! I still want curtains and a few more decor items, but I am not motivated to work on those things just yet. Hoping to share photos later this week unless this little guy decides to arrive – which I wouldn’t hate.

Mike: Mike is so ready for this baby to come! He’s been talking to the baby more this last week and my new momma heart melts every time. He unfortunately got a nasty stomach bug last week – but that kept him home with me for a couple days and I loved it so much even though he was very miserable.

Missing anything: Umm… sleep, being able to roll over in bed, using my abs, not being in pain, walking, working out… The list goes on and on. But the end is actually in sight now… less than 10 days!

Best part of the week: We ordered our stroller this week! We also got a new TV in the living room so the old living room TV came into our bedroom – it has been awesome for all this waiting around. We kept up our weekly Cracker Barrel tradition and had lots of time just the two of us as Mike recovered from some sort of virus (or maybe food poisoning?).

Looking forward to most: Baby’s arrival!

Worries/Concerns: No worries or concerns right now! My doctor is giving me until early next week to go into labor on my own and then we’re gonna talk induction. I really don’t want to be induced – unless my or baby’s health is at risk. Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for baby and for labor and pray that this little man decides to come on his own without an assist from the doc. So excited!

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