Jaderston Baby: 29 Weeks!


How far along: 29 weeks!

How big is baby: About the size of an acorn squash… 15 inches long and weighs about 2.5 lbs.

Gender: It’s a BOY!

Movement: Yes lots of movement! He moves most when I am laying on my left side and I feel him on my right side more than anywhere else. I love feeling him and I love when Mike feels him even more.

Sleep: Still sleeping great! I am usually sleeping through the night with no interruptions. Sometimes I need to roll over because my hips will start to ache and that’s a pretty big event so it wakes me up. But I always fall right back to sleep. So grateful for good sleep.

Symptoms: Congestion, lower back pain, pubic pain, hip pain, light-headedness, and hungry often. I also have these moments of extreme exhaustion that I plan to talk to my endocrinologist about it. For about 20 minutes at a time my body shuts down and I feel like I am trying to walk through sticky mud. It’s weird. I don’t enjoy it. It could just be 3rd trimester tiredness but I wanna make sure it doesn’t have anything to do with my thyroid levels.

Also – passed my glucose test! And found out I was anemic from the blood work so I am now taking an iron supplement. Pregnancy is keeping me on my toes.

Cravings/Aversions: Nope! Almost anything sounds good. I have to eat (what feels like) all.the.time though.

Maternity clothes: Yep! Some of my comfiest clothes are not maternity though (like that shirt pictured above). So still mixing and matching.

Workouts: No workouts and have been told very strictly from my doctor and physical therapist to take it easy. I am “exercising” though if you call my 3-5 minutes a day of PT homework exercising. I’m just grateful to be triggering muscles again and to hopefully be triggering the right muscles to help with the pain.

Nursery: Things are actually happening in there! Mike moved the big furniture downstairs this weekend so now it’s just clutter and junk that needs to be organized and moved. We bought a dresser last weekend for the space that I cannot wait to have assembled. I also am getting closer to picking out a crib.. Anybody else get completely overwhelmed when looking at cribs? There are only 1500 different options… all just slightly different. Meh. And don’t get me started on crib mattress options.

Mike: He is still fighting the tail end of a cold. He had a huge event on Friday that completely wiped him out but he so sweetly continued to exert energy for me to get the house organized and cleaned before he has surgery. His surgery is on Thursday (on his knee) and he will be on crutches for 8 weeks. I am pretty nervous about it but I also know that this is our smartest option. We will be so glad to have this over with when the baby comes.

Missing anything: Not really. Just missing my previous mobility… Soon enough I’ll be back to moving comfortably – with a little baby boy to snuggle.

Best part of the week: We had friends stay with us this weekend from KC! It was so fun to just take it easy with them. Also the weather this weekend? Unbelievable. It was a great mood booster.

Looking forward to most: Continuing to get the nursery put together. And all the organizing fun I still have to do.

Worries/Concerns: I am nervous about Mike’s surgery. The next three weeks are going to be chaos for us with our different schedules and recovery (and a retreat thrown into the mix). I know it’ll all be fine and we’ll get through it (plus I think the distraction will help the pregnancy speed by) but if you think about it on Thursday – we’d really appreciate the prayers for a smooth surgery and for Mike to come out of anesthesia fine.

Thankfully, there are no concerns about the baby and things are moving along just fine!

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