Jaderston Baby: 22 Weeks!


How far along: 22 weeks!

How big is baby: About the size of a papaya… 10.9 inches long and weighs 15.2 oz…

Gender: It’s a BOY! So strange referring to the baby as a “he” but also very exciting. Sometimes it really catches us off guard.

Movement: Baby is definitely moving and I’m scared to say that I am feeling him more frequently because I think it might jinx it. So fun feeling little kicks and rolls.

Sleep: Still sleeping great! Thanks to my 1/4 sleeping pill and vitamin B6 combination. Having a harder time getting comfortable and rolling over is no joke when mixed with pelvic pain but still sleeping and I’m grateful for that.

Symptoms: Pelvic pain, lower back pain, and occasional morning sickness. Big thumbs down. Pregnancy is kicking my behind. I saw the doctor on Monday and set up an appointment with a physical therapist. Already praying that it helps. It could be a long 4 more months.

Cravings/Aversions: Chicken = blegh. Loving fresh fruits and veggies, pickles, iced tea, and cold water. I also am experiencing weird tongue reactions to foods with sugar in them. My tongue tastes weird afterward and I can’t get rid of it for hours. It’s annoying. I learned that chewing gum helps – so I am always carrying gum.

Maternity clothes: I got one pair of maternity jeans in the mail last week and they fit! I’m still obvi more comfy in leggings or sweatpants but it’s nice to add another pair of jeans to the mix.

Workouts: Pelvic pain makes moving around/walking around/being on my feet nearly impossible. So no workouts. Taking it easy at all times.

Nursery: Still no progress… someday!

Mike: He felt the baby kick on Sunday for the first time! It was so fun experiencing that with him. The baby is more active in the evening right before bed and I anticipate Mike and I spending lots of time with our hands on my stomach in the next few weeks during that time. He has been so sweet to me with all the pelvic pain too. He’s so quick to help me out or get me things and help around the house when I can’t get off the couch. I sure am lucky.

Missing anything: Being active. Pelvic pain is no joke and very annoying.

Looking forward to most: It’s my birthday week and we have some Christmas parties this weekend that should be fun!

Worries/Concerns: I have been pretty discouraged this week after hearing from the doctor that there isn’t much they can do about the pelvic pain. There have been a lot of tear filled conversations about it and I couldn’t make it through church on Sunday because of the pain. Prayers for some relief would be much appreciated. I know this will all be worth it but 18+ more weeks of this feels like a lot.

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