Jaderston Baby: 38 Weeks!


How far along: 38 weeks

I seriously never thought 38 weeks would come. Time goes by so slow at the end, but here we are!

How big is baby: About the size of a pumpkin!

Gender: It’s a BOY

Movement: Yes lots of movement. I can feel his head tucked into my pelvis now and can feel him turning side to side – pretty strange. I love feeling the frequent hiccups and even the jabs to the ribs.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good! It hasn’t been as wonderful this week, but I still feel like I can’t complain. Occasionally I wake up with insomnia at around 4:30 and I’ve had a harder time falling back asleep. I think it’s mostly because I have so much on my mind with labor approaching. I also have been getting really hot in the middle of the night – even with the air conditioner on! Before baby I was always always cold so this is really weird. The baby is cooking me!

Symptoms: Exhaustion. Occasional swelling, not as bad this week though. I am nauseous in the mornings again and really have to watch how much food I eat. Heartburn gets bad at bedtime and I’m having lots of braxton hicks.

Pelvic Pain: The pain comes and goes as expected. Some days are manageable and others are more difficult. I have noticed that if I stay up too late or get overly exhausted the pain is significantly worse the next day. I still see the chiropractor once a week for adjustments and they help so much. I am usually pretty sore the day of but then feel great for at least a couple days afterwards. My lower back is becoming more unstable as the baby drops, but that’s expected this far in the game.

Labor signs: Lots of braxton hicks this week. They never hurt, but it does get uncomfortable after awhile. The baby dropped this weekend! I woke up on Sunday feeling “smaller” and realized that my belly button had moved lower and doctor confirmed yesterday that baby is definitely down low.

Cravings/Aversions: Still loving (cold) fresh fruit and ice cold water but unfortunately both of these things make the heartburn worse. Still loving grilled cheese sandwiches/sandwiches in general. Craving carbs too.

Maternity clothes: Yep! Either maternity or Mike’s shirts. It’s usually Mike’s shirts and sweatpants though if I’m being honest. I’d rather be comfortable than cute.

Workouts: No workouts due to pain.

Nursery: We are making so much progress! I really thought this wouldn’t be done before the baby because we had put it off for so long, but I think it’s almost complete! Mike bought a chair last weekend when in KC and all the gifts and baby necessities are finding their homes. Now that we have a chair in there it’s fun to just sit and look around or read my blog feed for the day. We were also gifted a homemade bookshelf this weekend at a shower so I think we are good on furniture. Can’t wait to finish and take some photos to share. We love it.

Mike: He is busy busy busy – last week especially! Between work, seminary, meetings, and tennis practice I don’t think he was home by 9 once last week. I’m hoping for some earlier evenings this week. He is still doing weekly physical therapy for his knee recovery but he gets around so well that I am frequently forgetting that he shouldn’t be pushing it too hard. We are both so excited about how the nursery turned out and he loves it just as much as I do. He’s going to be such a good dad. I cannot wait to see his relationship with this baby grow even more.

Missing anything: Umm… yes. I have been pretty self conscious of my preggo body this week. Clothes don’t fit well and almost everything feels too tight. Obviously I am ready to meet this baby, but I am also ready to feel more comfortable in my body/clothes.

Best part of the week: Some sweet friends from church threw us a shower this weekend and it was so sweet and fun. This baby is already so so loved by our community. It has also been so fun putting the nursery together and washing sweet baby clothes and blankets.

IMG_1887Baby Shower ready!


Looking forward to most: This little ones arrival of course, but also continuing to work on the nursery and prepare for baby. I wouldn’t say the nesting has kicked in like crazy, but it is fun to mentally prepare for this little man.

Worries/Concerns: No worries or concerns right now! Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for baby and for labor.

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