Over the Weekend…

This weekend was oh so wonderful…

It started with the Royals game! We had family over and baked these yuuummmmy cookies to celebrate.

I’m not kidding. These were so good. We bought them at Target (on sale) and I would consider buying ten more if they weren’t made of sugar..

Saturday was filled with celebrating this bride to be! Her groom surprised her at the bridal shower for a fun little game and these are the only photos I grabbed from the day. I think they tell such a story about Missy and Jim…


On Saturday evening I got to join roughly 20 other people to really celebrate this bride to be with her bachelorette party. I didn’t take a single photo because I was just soaking up every moment of the evening. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time and I am so grateful for this friend and her future hubby.

We wrapped up our weekend with Sunday Football and naps. Also visits from friends and long walks around the neighborhood. We are soaking up this Fall weather just like everyone else. Our evening ritual is to bundle up and take Alf on a long walk before bed. He loves the consistency of going every night – but I’m nervous for when the real cold weather comes. I feel like I am already bundling to the max for the 50 degree nights..

Lots to come for this blog this Fall. I also have some more decor to share with you guys! I have definitely caught the “buying decorations” bug and I probably need to stop. I’m shopping like we don’t have a budget… It’s getting dangerous!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, The Jaderstons