Our New Headboard!

Confession… This has been sitting in my “projects to blog” folder for awhile. We’d been living without a headboard since we got married and now that we have one it feels like we’ve always had one.. So I kept forgetting to tell you about it!

We have a headboard now though!

Mike built it for me! It is one of the many things I love about having a handy husband. I told him what I wanted and 2 ish days later he had it ready for me!


I used 3 inch foam squares to create the padding. Luckily we already had some on hand from a project that didn’t happen when we lived in Sterling. I used scissors and a serrated knife to cut the foam and adhesive spray worked great on attaching the foam to the plywood.


After all the foam was on and fit perfectly I moved the headboard inside to add batting and my fabric!
This was long enough ago that we still had brown cabinets… Ooh I’m so happy that we’ve changed those now.


I used a simple staple gun to attach the batting and fabric – and I’m thankful for our big dining room table that I used as my work surface. The carpet would have been very frustrating to get the fabric pulled tight.

Next up was nailhead! I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. It was the only place that I could find big nails for a decent price. I bought them when they were on sale too – bonus!


Pliers, a rubber mallet, and something to keep the lines straight was all I needed – well that and reinforcements from my patient husband on the curved parts. He used a really hard wood on the curves and I did not have the patience to nail the nails in slowly. Every time I tried the nails would bend and be useless. So thankful for him.

IMG_3812IMG_3814Headboard before and afterIMG_3815IMG_3823

Our bedroom is really making major progress from where we started. I really love it – and I love the colors. Now, for paint on the walls and some decorations… Maybe next year.

IMG_3814 - Version 2

Happy Thursday! Are you working on a project today? I attempted some decluttering… I only made it a little ways before I got distracted and gave up. Whoops!

Love, The Jaderstons