Five on Friday

Hey! I am linked up with darciaprilchristina and natasha again today for a five on friday, and today is a giveaway day!

1. 4 years (ish) ago

Maddie & Me Before and After

The photo on the left is Maddie (my little sister) and I, taken in the Summer of 2010. The photo on the right was taken last weekend, October 2014. We’ve both grown so much at this place called Westminster Woods. It holds great value in our hearts and I love having this photo comparison. 4 years of time but not much has changed.

2. 3 years ago

Mike & Me Before and After

Three years ago on October 6th, Mike asked me to be his wife. The photo on the left was taken on that day – after walking into a home full of our loved ones. The photo on the right was this July at a friends wedding. He is potentially wearing the same shirt? But what my point is… I’m so glad that three years ago this week Mike asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I wouldn’t have it any other way. To read the engagement story go HERE.

3. Change in Weather

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 6.18.25 PM

Yesterday the high was 85 and muggy. I’ll admit that 53 is a little chilly for my liking in Fall, but I’m so excited to bust out my new sweater from Target this weekend! (and probably my winter coat – I’m a wimp when it comes to cold)

4. She Reads Truth

Okay, I know I spoke about this a few weeks ago here, but I feel like I should mention it again. I am working through the Open your Bible series again because I loved it so much the first time around and didn’t want to forget. Have you loved it too? I’d love to hear your response.


5. I miss Lawrence

I was supposed to go to Lawrence last Tuesday for a subpoena… but that got canceled. I was (ironically) real sad. Luckily I got to visit my little sister just a few days later but it was very brief because we had Ikea on the brain. But look at this view from her bedroom… Talk about lucky…


If we had just a little bit more time I would have loved to walk the campus at the change of classes – just for nostalgia purposes. It’s such a beautiful little town. Mike and I will be planning a day trip soon. He loves it there too!

Happy Friday!

Love, The Jaderstons