Over the Weekend…

Anybody else feel like 2015 is just flying by? It’s already daylight savings time again which makes me want the world to build in a “Monday after daylight savings group nap.” Who’s with me?

Over the weekend we…

IMG_6112Got warm weather! Alfie spent the whole day searching for sun spots and snuggling with his toys. This boy is made for the warmth.

IMG_6118On Saturday we put on our fancy pants and journeyed to KC!

IMG_6121IMG_6122IMG_6124IMG_6129We were so excited to witness my friend Grace marry her love, Daniel. It was a beautiful wedding – you can’t tell through my blurry iPhone photos, but wow. Congrats Mrs. Grace Casey! We couldn’t be more excited for you and Dan.. Good is here!

IMG_6140On our way home from KC we made a pit stop in Lawrence to see this pretty lady. Johnny’s Tavern always treat us well and Mike got to enjoy his favorite buffalo wings in the entire state of Kansas. Everyone wins!

IMG_6132Sunday morning we woke up exceptionally too early (thanks daylight savings) and ventured to Church for Sunday School. We enjoyed a yummy brunch after church at Cracker Barrel and came home for a family nap.

IMG_6141IMG_6143And finally, Monday morning (which isn’t technically the weekend) I put this little one on the bus. I can’t believe how much she’s grown up. Time… SLOW DOWN!

Another weekend in the books! This week my goal is to make it as “normal” as possible. Wish me luck! Next week is VACATION!! Counting down the days!

Love, The Jaderstons