March Goals

I was ready for March. We had a great, fun time saving money in February but I was ready for March. And it’s HERE!

And with March comes 4 new goals.

I didn’t really make goals in February with retreats and since we were doing the savings challenge. I feel like the savings challenge was 4 goals all wrapped into one. Which I will warn you, we are planning more savings challenges. We had a lot of fun with this one and were really successful with date nights in and not buying things we wanted. We had a few big purchases that came up (like fixing our dryer) but besides that felt really good about it – and added a chunk of money to savings!

But now, March.


1. Apply for new passport: I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but since I have a new name now (and a new social security card!!) it was time to get a new passport. My old one had been expired for 5 years… And now I’m Kelsey JADERSTON!

2. Get teeth cleaned: Thanks to Mike’s wonderful job, our insurance covers two teeth cleanings a year! My 6 months is up… This goal will be pretty easy to achieve since my appointment happened yesterday and I made the appointment 6 months ago, but I still feel pretty good about it being on the list.

3. LAUNDRY ROOM: I have confirmed with my husband that this will happen this month… I can’t guarantee that the entire goal will be accomplished because I have BIG dreams but I’m so excited to get started on this room! I’ll share plans/details later.

4. Go to ZONA & Relax: Don’t mind if I do! After our wild and crazy February we need a week of relaxing in the sun.

And that’s all folks! What do you have planned for March? Any Spring Break plans??

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons