DIY Curtains

So, a little while back… I made these curtains for our guest room because our brother in law was living with us and the blinds down there seem to make the sun even brighter.. I’m pretty sure that it’s the brightest room in our house when the sun comes up.

So, a little while back (last summer) I made these curtains!

I bought two twin sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond in our color of choice (red) because the colors in this room will eventually be our wedding colors. Key word here is “eventually”. We’re working on it.


My mom had some extra blackout fabric, so I took that and got to work!


It’s pretty self explanatory, but you’re essentially making a big pocket with the black out liner in between the two sides of the sheet. We bought our clips and the curtain rod at Bed Bath and Beyond. This project probably cost us about $30 which is AWE.SOME. The next step in this room is replacing those vinyl blinds with some wooden ones to block out a little more of the brightest sun in the world.

But now, back to reality, this is happening in another room in our house and I CANNOT WAIT to share more about it with you! But first, we have to actually start…


Happy day!


Love, The Jaderstons