Our TJ Maxx Finds

On our anniversary last week we went SHOPPING!

I am not typically an “I love shopping so much” type of girl. I prefer online shopping, the kind where I don’t actually have to leave the house. But we had a good time last Tuesday and we came home with some fun stuff!


We walked around the whole store, because you can’t just go to one section at TJ Maxx. I always like looking at their furniture. It’s usually a fair price and it’s frequently changing. We saw a bench similar to this one and I told Mike that I’d love one like it for in front of our bed. I think his response was, “We already have a bench in front of our bed……”


That’s completely fair. But it was a piano bench with no storage and no padding. It didn’t scream relaxing bedroom escape.


On our second loop around the store, yes we walked the store twice, I spotted this guy. A darker shade of gray with a flat top? It’s perfect!


We proceeded to sit on it for 10+ minutes trying to justify the $120.00 price tag. I would talk Mike into it and then I would talk him right back out of it…. But we ended up calling it an(other) anniversary gift and it came home with us!


We also bought this new laundry basket. I love it. It holds plenty and it has handles!

And slowly but surely our master bedroom is coming together. I’ve learned that things take a while to come together for us. We haven’t made decorating a priority because wow it’s expensive to “finish” a home and we have other goals that we’d like to reach first. Little updates like this keep me patient and remind me that it’s ok to not have everything put together and perfect. We’ll get there eventually, we just spend an extra long amount of time in the planning process.

My parents are handing down a dresser to us that I want to paint or stain and I want to order matching bedside tables to go with the new dresser… Also some paint on the walls would be good and maybe some artwork/decor to follow. But again, it’s not our priority. It’ll come together when it comes together!

Today we are headed to camp for the week. Mike’s job of working with middle schoolers has some huge perks, one of them being camp 4 lyfe. I always dreamed that I could forever be a camp counselor and then I married a youth pastor. 3 weeks out of the summer I get my camp counselor on and it’s a blast.

So that’s where we’ll be! I plan on updating the blog with camp updates (similar to last year HERE and HERE).

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons