March Madness

We have our brackets posted.

We are checking the tournament status after every game.

We have watched and read and listened to all sorts of opinions and stats.

We love March Madness.

It’s such a fun time of the year. It also is conveniently scheduled to help push the winter blues away. It’s technically Spring, but it snowed 4 inches last night, and I’m gonna say it’s ok because you can watch basketball ALL. DAY. LONG.

We’re basketball people.

Also, Rock Chalk and Go Shox.

Anyways – I’ve mentioned here before that Alfred had started to dig in the yard. Well turns out he only likes to dig when the ground is nasty and muddy and covered with a few inches of snow. These next few things happened quickly after finding him this way…


Happy March Madness, friends.
We are hoping for warmer weather and lots of bicycle rides in the near future.
Bye for now,

Love, The Jaderstons