Just like any other Tuesday

When I woke up this morning I felt a little groggy. I went to work like it was any other day. I had my regular daily schedule. 2nd grade, 1st grade, lunch, 1st grade again, and 3rd grade math – I put a kindy on the bus and I came home. When I got home I called the IRS to verify something on our tax return. I wasn’t feeling great so I relaxed for a while on the couch and caught up on social media things. Turns out that this Tuesday is not just like any other Tuesday in the Social Media world – or in the Political World.

I don’t want to talk about what is happening in the world today. It is not something I have read up on or know the facts about. I don’t want to pick a side or tell you what’s right or wrong. I have my own thoughts and my own opinions but I have never been one to passionately be vocal about them.

I got off facebook and felt immediately drained. I felt hurt and confused and struck by the tension. I started to read articles on news sites and opinions of different political people. And now I’m here. Typing on this little blog of mine very confused and forced to rely on the things I know, the things I don’t know, the things I believe in, the things I am passionate about.

I am passionate about my relationship with the Lord.

I am passionate about my husband and our relationship.

I am passionate about my family and my siblings.

Today I am finding so much comfort in these three things. It’s so hard to read things on the internet and not be swayed by what the world is saying. But yet in those times it’s so easy for me to turn away from the Bible and turn towards the world. On this not so average Tuesday I have relied on the truth of scripture and have been quickly reminded of how good His truth is. I know I am quick to just agree with those around me to avoid conflict. Thankfully I have learned today that that is not best in all situations. Conflict is hard. Tension is awkward. Picking sides on emotional issues is no cake walk. But choosing Jesus and being called to a life of pursuing Him is no cake walk either and I wouldn’t trade that decision for anything.

This post doesn’t exactly have a purpose. It’s good for me to write these things down. Good for me to remember the moments when the Lord opens my eyes to some of the hurts in our world.

On to a lighter topic…

I also really appreciate this little guy – he’s been by my side since I got home. He’s just what I need on a groggy Tuesday – and during a Jayhawk win.


I also really appreciated my Monday in Wichita with my family. Time with a sweet girl scout and a teen who is more than ready to be a graduate.


Happy Tuesday, friends.

Love, The Jaderstons