Fort Collins

Spring Break 2013

This could be our last Spring Break. Mike will graduate next December and then no more Spring Break and Woohoo! Real World. So in order to celebrate our potential last Spring break we decided to visit our dear friends in Fort Collins, CO.

We had quite the adventure on our way to Colorado. Alfred ate some of Mike’s parents’ dog food the morning before we left which caused him to get very car sick. 3 times car sick. He had to sleep on layers of paper towels the entire second half of the trip. Poor little guy…

He felt much better after a good nights rest and some quality time with Zack and Missy.
It was so great getting time with these friends. We ate a lot of great food – pizza dominated this category. We stayed up way too late considering they were not on Spring Break and we fell in love with Fort Collins. We made homemade pizza one night and after we had eaten it all it started to snow big and beautiful snowflakes.

The next day we visited Horsetooth Reservoir before dinner. Gorgeous.
We ended our trip with Pizza at Beau Jo’s and conversations about the future – hopes, dreams, goals. These people are the type of friends that everyone should have. They sharpen and challenge and encourage in ways you cannot imagine.
IMG_4976Needless to say, the trip was a success. We love you, Yarbroughs! Hope to see you again very soon!

That’s all for now,

Love, The Jaderstons