Life {Lately}

I’m having a hard time believing it is already mid-September. Didn’t school just start?

Since time is going by so quickly I wanted to make sure to drop in and talk about our life lately.

We’ve stayed busy, but it’s controlled busyness.

As you can see, the blog is officially transitioned to a new domain! This is a very exciting part of our life lately. I have another post planned to go into the details of why we decided to switch, but it is essentially that I wanted more freedom with my blog because I have grown to love it so much. I am incredibly grateful for my readers and I love to hear from you so leave comments and follow me via email if you want updates.

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Work is back at full speed which has been a really good thing. I was dreading going back because of the joys of summer, but it really does feel better to be in a routine. It’s also fun seeing the kiddos move on to the next grade and witnessing them remember things they learned last year and continue to learn this year. My job is so rewarding and I need to be grateful for that always. (even when I’m so tired and annoyed that they won’t listen to me) Wait, what?

Mike is back in the full swing of school and work too. He has also stayed really busy with disc golf. Anyone heard of disc golf? Well, my husband… He LOVES it. If he had a choice between anything and disc golf he’d probably choose disc golf. It’s been fun for me to see him fall in love with this hobby – and it’s great that his brother loves it too because that means lots of sister in-law time for me.

Yesterday I got a weird itch to rearrange our home. I’ve tried this a few times with our living room with no success. It seemed as though our only option for furniture placement was the one we’ve had since we moved in. That really didn’t bother me too much because it was very functional and allowed for lots of people to sit comfortably. So yesterday when I decided to give it another whirl, I was determined to make and keep a change. It’s just a tiny change, but I like it so far. Just a little bit of change is easier to adjust to than mega major change.

Rearrange FurnitureRaise your hand if you can see what changed! I told you it wasn’t much…We’re happy with it for now, as slight as it may be.

So that’s where we are. Alfred turns one in 4 days – What? Where did the time go? – so I have a fun Alfie post coming soon with some new photos and lots of old ones.

Happy Wednesday!
The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons