Easy & Cheap Scarf Holder

DIY Scarf Holder

Anybody else feel that scarves are the perfect addition to an outfit that’s lacking? Yep. This is about all the fashion advice you’re gonna get from me. If you don’t love it throw a scarf on… It’ll help. Hopefully?

My fashion consists of athletic clothes and sweatpants. It’s my jam. Dressing up is something that happens rarely outside of work and church. I keep hoping that later in life I will learn to embrace fashion, but Nike is too comfortable at this time in my life.

Don’t worry, I own a couple colorful skinny jeans, lots of cute cardigans, and some vintage tees that are great. They just aren’t my preferred clothing.

Anyways, scarves. I own LOTS of scarves.

Before my scarf holder, this is usually how you could find them….

DIY Scarf Hanger

Piled high either on the floor or in a bin in the closet. It worked for awhile and then I saw some scarf ideas on Pinterest: hooks, hangers, even shower curtain rings attached to hangers. These were all great ideas but I didn’t want to spend the time or money on those things. Then one day, I was in hobby lobby and the decorative hangings were 50% off. This little guy was screaming my name…


DIY Scarf Hanger

So heres my trick… Instead of using it for paper towels, hang your scarves on it!

DIY Scarf Hanger DIY Scarf Hanger

And there you have it, a cheap and easy scarf holder to keep that closet a little more organized or to add a pop of color to your bedroom.

Cost of this project? $7.99 (without the added cost of continually buying scarves)

Goodluck and happy organizing!
The Jaderstons

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Love, The Jaderstons