Happy Birthday Alfred {1 YEAR}

FeatureI cannot believe we have made it a year with our little guy. I guess it’s been less than a year, but we knew about him about a year ago. His birthday was on Sunday and he was very celebrated. He got to chase some squirrels, bark at our neighbors, chew on a new bone, spend the afternoon with his best friend Boo dog, and got a new toy. Whoa. Do we put too much effort into our puppy? Yes.

4 Months 8 weeks 12 weeks 4-5 months 6 months8 months1 year.1 1 year{Alfred, you love to play, be outside, sleep under
the bed, jump, bark at neighbors and
squirrels, and snuggle. Your favorite treat is turkey and you have
mastered: sit, down, roll-over, touch (jump), wave, speak, kennel up, and leash.
You constantly amaze us by your quickness and you love to learn new things. You really love to please us and feel super guilty when you do something wrong. Our favorite thing about you though is your excitement when we come home or come back into a room. You rock.}

Our pup has been such a blessing to us.
Feel free to laugh at our obsession with him, but I’m so glad I have these blog posts to remember him when he was little. Now, prepare yourself for when kids come because if you think this is excessive…

Happy Thursday!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons