His First Thanksgiving and Christmas Jammies

Our first holiday season as a family of three is off to a really sweet start. On Thanksgiving morning we woke up and had some family snuggles (and photos) before we headed to my parents for the day.

IMG_2011IMG_2013IMG_2028Are they the sweetest? Or are they the sweetest?


His first Thanksgiving, his first piano playing experience, and his first time falling asleep in his pack n’ play in the workout room at my parents. 

On the eve of December, I put Dwayne in his first pair of Santa pajamas and got out the camera. The photo session didn’t go quite as I planned, but we made it work. 

I posted that last photo on Facebook and got a really cool response from our friend Leah. She said “This is the perfect Christmas card. <3! I love what it symbolizes. 1. I pray when we look at our kids we want them to see us looking AT them not past them as we parent and 2. as we look at Christmas I pray Christ becomes the forefront and the ‘holiday’ dimly glows around the light of Him”.

It’s not at all what I wanted to capture. I wanted him under the tree. Smiling at me. But he wouldn’t sit still and anytime I’d back away he’d crawl straight to the camera. This photo isn’t perfect. The focus is off and I’ve cut off essentially all of my subject, but it’s everything I needed to capture. And I needed that reminder from Leah. Christmas isn’t all about the Santa jams and the light of the Christmas tree. 

Christ is the forefront and the holiday dimly glows around the light of Him. 

This boy is so loved. 

Happy Day! 

Love, The Jaderstons