It’s me.

So quickly time passes on this little blog of mine without it being touched. I logged on today to realize that the site has been down because of a broken plugin. Days? Weeks? I’m unsure. I was still getting traffic recently so it couldn’t have been too long, but it tells the perfect story.


The blog isn’t a priority right now.


Keeping Dwayne alive is a priority though.


And my husband and our home.


My job and trying to take care of myself? They’re near the top of the list too.


When I think about this space – the space I used to (still do) love and crave – I get really sad. It’s proof that I’m not super woman. I’m not a person that can do it all. And I have to tell myself (constantly) that no one can because that’s what people around me say. No one can do it all.


So the blog is on pause. Until it’s not (like today) and then it pauses again.


But we’re good over here. Life is crazy good.

Fall is here and Dwayne is a full on hilarious toddler. Mike is traveling a lot these next few weeks which is exciting (and sometimes hard). Work is crazy busy for me too. We’re in the middle of another software conversion – yes, I said ANOTHER. My brother and sister in law are about to have another baby which means I’m gonna be an aunt AGAIN!

So much good happening in our family and the family that surrounds us.

Miss you blog, but I’d rather miss you than miss all the good happening right here under my nose.

Happy Day!


Love, The Jaderstons