Our Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone is walking away from the three day weekend feeling refreshed and ready for this next season. FALL!


Our weekend was very refreshing. I had the curtain debacle on Saturday and Mike worked the front desk at a tennis facility in town (one of his side gigs) Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon I deep cleaned the inside of my car! I was planning on just vacuuming the floor mats and throwing away the trash but I ended up wiping all the surfaces down and swiffering the dust out. I LOVE a clean car so I’m glad I spent the time to really get it clean.

It was a nice day at home (and at Target a few times thanks to the curtains) and it was a great way to kick off the weekend.


On Sunday, Mike went to church to teach Sunday school and Dwayne and I stayed home to make sure he had a good morning nap. In the afternoon we had lunch with Mike’s family. It’s always fun getting together with them. Dwayne’s cousin is only 8 months older than him and they’re getting into the stage of actually playing with each other. Pierce calls Dwayne “Deedee” so that is now what we all call Dwayne. It’s very sweet.


In the evening we went to my parents’ new house and had a “pool party” around their unfinished new pool. It was pretty brief because it’s still a full on construction site and once Dwayne stuck his hand in a can of lacquer we knew we couldn’t stay much longer. Ha! We followed it up with barbecue at my parents’ current house which is always yummy yummy. All the pics in this post are from the new house on Sunday.


I haven’t talked much about my parents moving because it’s not my story to tell, but my childhood home of 25+ years will be dearly missed and I can already feel myself getting nostalgic as the move gets closer. Their new house is so sweet and beautiful. It will be perfect for them (and us) as the family grows and changes so I’m also SUPER excited about this change.


Dwayne already feels comfortable there. Last week he spent two days over there overseeing the concrete pour. He’s in toddler heaven watching all the men work.


Monday was spent at home, intentionally. It’s not often that we get a full day of Mike without work. He played tennis in the morning and had friends over in the evening. I did little house projects, cleaned, and prepped food for the week all day which was great. I love starting the week prepared.


Happy Tuesday – the start of a short week!

Love, The Jaderstons