Dwayne Henry: 9 Months Old


Our sweet boy turned 9 months old this last week (tears.tears.tears) and he is more fun than ever!



He is really starting to eat real foods like a champ. His favorite food is banana pancakes (2 eggs to one banana) hands down. We’ve started to just give him bites of what we’re eating, as long as it’s dairy free, and he loves it all. On Saturday we tried to use a sippy cup with water in it for the first time and he figured it out right away. He’s always wanting to drink our water or drink out of his bathtub cup. It was time, but it makes him seem like such a big boy.

He is still nursing but takes two bottles of hypoallergenic formula a day to supplement.

Month 9 - 38IMG_2533


He is sleeping well (again)! We had a couple rough weeks this month with high fevers and then bad habits forming but we’re back at it! He naps twice a day for about 2 hours each and then goes to bed at 7:00 pm. He usually wakes up to nurse between 5-6am and then goes back down until 8 when he starts the day.

Month 9 - 65


Dwayne LOVES to play. He is into everything and is so so curious. I love watching him learn and soak in new things. He has started to climb things if he can and he never ever backs down from a challenge. His favorite toy is probably Alf’s water bowls or my medela pump bottles. Of course. He still crawls like a little bear (his knees don’t usually touch the ground) and he is speedy speedy. He also cruises along the furniture and I’m guessing we’ll make some progress towards walking this month since he’s already started letting go and standing on his own. Just for a few seconds but it’s definitely happening.

He spends two days a week with my mom and then one morning at Kids Day Out so that I can be at the office. He loves going to my parents house (because their dog is nice to him) and I love that he has another place to explore during the week.



We saw the pediatrician last week and he is a happy, healthy, growing boy. His weight percentile is finally coming back up (to a whopping 13%) but we’ll take it! He’s our tall and skinny little peanut.

Month 9 - 02

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Love, The Jaderstons