2017: February Goals

I found out this afternoon – as I was attempting to write this blog post – that the blog has been down since January 31st. Sad. But also revealing in how much time I get to spend here nowadays.

Anyways, let’s revisit January!


#1  Did not do this one well… I averaged maybe twice a week. You’ll see it on my February goals as well.

#2  White cabinet is clean! I did this pretty early on and then Dwayne learned how to open the cabinet doors and I had to rearrange it again so that all the things he can get into are at the front. It doesn’t look nearly as pretty anymore, but I did it!

#3  Christmas gifts and decor are cleaned up and put away!

#4  Coffee station is also complete! Blog post coming soon.. maybe.

January: 75% complete. Insert thumbs up emoji here.

In February I decreased my number of goals by one and creativity was not my strong suit… But they’re attainable and once complete will bring me joy.


#1  Update filing system: I actually started this when I cleaned out the white cabinet in January because that is where it lives. But I didn’t have enough folders or labels and I have just put it off since. I still use this system – same washi tape and all!

#2  Declutter white bookshelf: Yes, the white bookshelf that sits on top of the white cabinet from January. It’s cluttered. It’s our catch all. Clutter stresses me out and it’s so full that it can no longer “catch” all.

#3  READ: Every weeknight, 15 minutes before bed. Round two, people.

Happy Day!

Are you making monthly goals? It’s seriously so so good for me.

Love, The Jaderstons