Our Wedding {The Scheduling}

 This is post #6 in our wedding series. You can get updated on post #1 {here}, post #2 {here}, post #3 {here}, post #4 {here}, post #5 {here}.

Alright, if you know me you may know that I am a planner. Yes, the typical type A all her ducks in a row planner. So, obviously my wedding scheduling was no different. I had a three page spread called the MASTER schedule.

Master ScheduleMaster Schedule2Master Schedule3

And the miraculous thing was that we actually stuck to the schedule (to my knowledge)! I also sent out individual schedules to each group of people. For example, the ushers all got these in the their inboxes…

UshersUshers 2

Yes, I was a little crazy, but I felt so much better knowing that people at least had access to a schedule and that my phone wasn’t going to be ringing the day of the wedding answering scheduling questions. I also really enjoyed typing it all out beforehand. For whatever reason, seeing the entire three days all on paper made my nerves and stress decrease.

And that’s the scheduling of our wedding! It took a couple hours to write it all out, but so worth it in the long run not having to answer questions left and right. Happy day!