ZONA {recap.one}

Right after graduation – before the *organized* chaos of the wedding and summer fun began – a group of gal pals and myself took a little road trip. Two cars – 8 divas – and the long, open road. It took us approximately 17 hours to reach our destination, we stayed for 3 days and then headed back to the midwest.

There was a lot of poolside fun, multiple target runs, cream cheese obliques, one big hike, and one mini hike that involved an attacking cactus. We had so much fun and I can only hope we can go back someday – with maybe a few more gals this time. It was the perfect way to celebrate graduation and my final month of singleness.

On our way to Arizona we had three ladies that couldn’t leave early Sunday morning (super bratty of them) so they were able to enjoy the privilege of flying. After 17 hours in the car, driver #2 Lindsey and I drove another 45 minutes to pick up Cheyn, Swanson, and Gracie from the airport. Once all 8 of us had safely arrived at the house our ZONA brattiness had officially begun.376952_3712681534209_1014730803_nCheyn was behind and camera and Missy was sleeping – but we had finally all arrived.

The next morning we got up and made banana pancakes – went on our first target run – bought 5 more pool floaties and sent this video to momma Scheer.

Each day we had a different event. The first day was strictly devoted to pool time and target runs. Then we had a morning of hiking, an afternoon of shopping, more pool time, and a regular nap time around 4:00. We also had a regular snack time that consisted of cream cheese, dried beef, wheat thins, doritos, and oreo balls. One afternoon a few of us spent a significant time working on a puzzle as well. It was a wild time.

IMG_1924We had Pei Wei for dinner one night – and we made our own fruit punch!


We spent a lot of time in the evenings enjoying the sunset and sitting on the back patio.


One of the nights, my fellow BRATZ surprised me with a bachelorette party. Those silly friends.


Also, have I mentioned that we ate a lot of really delicious food?


That’s all for now! Up next we have {the big hike, the attacking cactus, and nertz} and trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss it.

See you soon,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons