Trunk or Treat

Hello, strangers. 

Life has kept me very busy and distracted. So that’s not new. But in my attempts to prioritize, the blog had to take a backseat. 

Tonight we participated in our church’s Trunk or Treat event! Rumor has it that over 3500 people came through. Whoa. 

Our trunk theme was “God’s Gym” and Mike did ALL the heavy lifting (PUN for the win) in terms of setup and actually hosting the children. You had to do something physical to get your candy: push ups, jumping jacks, lifting a heavy weight, step ups, squats, etc. 

Dwayne and I did the easy work of dressing the part and posing for the camera. 

It was a fun night. Mike was in his element and did such a good job helping the kids have fun. This is one of our church’s big outreach events and it was so fun to see it succeed to levels of madness. Seriously madness. Where did everyone park? I still am not sure. 

Thanks for coming out tonight, Wichita! 

Dwayne and I are staying with my little sister tonight and I took these photos just before he went to bed. He is joy. And the best thing Mike and I have ever done. 

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons