Dwayne Henry: 6 Months Old

In two days we will celebrate our little man being 6 months old! These 6 months have flown by, but then again they’ve lasted forever. 

Dwayne is such a good baby. He sleeps well, he eats well (finally), and he smiles almost all the time. Even now, suffering through his first cold, he is happy happy! 

He loves to eat. We’ve introduced purees and some solids and so far he enjoys all of them. He plays with his food and then devours his food. And we’re still breastfeeding. I never imagined that we’d be successful through 6 months with how our bf journey started. I won’t get into the details but this feels like a major accomplishment for me. Actually… I know it’s a major accomplishment for me. So proud of how far Dwayne’s come on this journey. 

He’s sitting up and scooting everywhere. Currently looking at baby gates online. He coos and has just started copying sounds that we make. He also loves to stick his tongue out. And to suck on his first three fingers when he’s tired. 

The one thing he really doesn’t enjoy is the nose frida. Oh and if I pick him up from his crib and then change his diaper right away or set him down to play. He wants to be held after he sleeps until he has a full belly.  

There are so many things about this boy that make him unique. We love seeing his personality develop and see how he expresses himself. Best, shortest, longest, most challenging, most rewarding 6 months of our lives. 

Love you, sweet boy. 

Happy day! 

Love, The Jaderstons