Thanksgiving & Catching Up

Hello again World!
This little blog of mine has been a little bit neglected but I am really ok with that for now. My husband and I are enjoying this season together and our puppy is getting zero neglect. I know I’ve said it before on here, but the holidays are my favorite. We had a WILD Thanksgiving weekend of which I intended to take many photos and took none. It was an epic failure on my part but it gave me more time to really enjoy our family and loved ones.

We began our journey in Sterling with the Jaderstons. We had a delicious meal, some family Taboo, and a serious battle in Medal of Honor. Wednesday evening we headed to Wichita to join my family for a little bit of Thanksgiving Eve festivities and prepared the Turkey for the 34 people who my family was feeding Thursday afternoon. Alfred came along for the ride and the festivities and really has turned into a great puppy. He travels really well which is good because he had 11 hours ahead of him. On Friday morning, at 6:30 AM, we left for Minnesota with my mother in-law, brother in-law, and the pup. We arrived in Minneapolis at 6:00 on Friday evening and had approximately 45 hours to enjoy our family. Like I said, WILD!

The good news though is that Alfred is an EXCELLENT traveler and we had a ton of fun with family. Thanksgiving is like a wonderful preview to December and as much as I never want to ride in the car again I cannot wait to enjoy this season with our loved ones. We’ll travel a lot (luckily flying some this time) and we won’t get to spend every night in our own bed, but it will be so worth it. It will be wonderful.

I just really love December!

Since I didn’t take any Thanksgiving pictures I’ll throw in some Alfred pictures. He is the cutest Jaderston anyways.IMG_2852IMG_2858IMG_2865IMG_2867IMG_2880IMG_2891

Love, The Jaderstons