Happy Birthday Dad!

When I was little my mom would make my dad homemade fried chicken just like his mom made him on his birthday. As far as I remember, it’s his favorite – especially his mommas recipe. December 2nd has turned into a lot of things over the years: Sometimes we were in school and distracted, sometimes dad had meetings, sometimes I’m really far away and forget to call (oops), and sometimes it’s the first time my husband will preach at our church. But December 2nd will always be my dad’s birthday – even when we can’t celebrate together.

Young Kelsey was a little bit afraid of her father. You could say he was the disciplinarian in our family. If dad needed to be involved we knew we did something really bad. Now that I’m a little older (and much more mature) I have learned that dad isn’t that scary. He’s actually not scary at all. He’s loving, patient, and would give anything for a great game of golf. He’s supportive, he’s a gifted provider, he loves my momma well, and he is most of the time brutally honest. He’s a great coach (coached his three girls in golf and will soon coach #4) and he loves absolutely everything about family tradition.

Some favorite moments with my dad:
1. When we were little my sisters and I would always watch Monday Night football with Dad (well like the first 10 minutes) and we would always dance around to the Monday Night football song and dad would “sack” us when it was all done. Good times.

2. Golfing with my dad in Arizona – just the two of us. We’ve been paired up with some quite interesting people which gave us lots of moments to giggle.

3. Just before Mike and I’s wedding – My dad and I stood outside the sanctuary and peeked in through the blinds. It was just a moment filled with joy.


4. Walking down the aisle. My dad and I shared a very special moment that resulted in one of my favorite pictures from the wedding. It was the perfect way for him to give me away.


Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! I love you! You’re the best dad I could have asked for and I hope you feel celebrated today.

Love, The Jaderstons