Spring Weather is Here

Well, Spring weather has definitely arrived. You can’t get on social media today in Wichita without seeing the dangerous threat of weather coming our way.

It’s supposed to start between 2-4pm but the worst of it will be around 6pm. This is what they say.

I say that weather is unpredictable and last week when 100mph winds came through, took our power, and left golf ball sized hail behind, the chance of storms during that time was 0%.

So… Say a prayer for Kansas and Oklahoma today. Unpredictable weather is coming our way!IMG_6317

Mike and I are doing great! I am still holding off on the laundry room post because I want to finish one last thing and we haven’t had the time. I promise that someday you will see it and someday you will love it! I got to use it last weekend for the first time (for it’s purpose: laundry) and it was GLORIOUS!

Life update coming later this week.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons