It’s My Birthday & Moving Day!

Well since today is moving day, I don’t have much to say besides we’re running around with our heads cut off with so much excitement and sadness all at once. It’s tough to see our empty Sterling house but so much fun seeing our Wichita home full of all our things. Every time we open a box it’s like a little early Christmas present.

But really I’m here to tell you about the best birthday present to date.

In November, Mike ordered a gift for me online and asked me to keep my eyes away from his amazon account. I promised I wouldn’t look because I wanted to be surprised just as much as he wanted to surprise me.

He tracked it pretty closely and told me the day it was supposed to arrive to not open any of the packages. Again, I agreed to keep my hands to myself. Then he left to play ultimate frisbee and I laid in bed for an hour or so snuggling with our pup.

Then, Alfred started freaking out. He usually does this when someone is at the door so I got up to check it out. I assumed it was the package and was expecting to just bring it in and leave it for Mike to hide. But then no one was on the porch but someone was walking around our house – no wonder Alf was freaking out. It was strange. So then when he came back to the front I realized it was the UPS man (thank goodness) so I opened the door to talk to him.

He was surprised to see me – I guess he knocked and I didn’t hear him. He then told me that there was a package at our back door. He didn’t want to leave it on the porch because it’s a sewing machine

He so kindly ruined my surprise!

I felt so bad – Mike tried so hard to keep it secret and then the gift arrived in it’s original packaging. There was no way to hide it!

So I got my gift a little bit early – which was perfect because I was planning on sewing a few gifts for Christmas and was going to just borrow my moms but now I have my own!

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I’m seeing curtains and pillows and fabric gifts in my future.

Singer StylistSinger StylistSinger Stylist Feature

I might do a review on this particular machine later. So far? I absolutely love everything about it. It has 100 different stitches and it’s so smart!

I’ll keep you posted on moving things later this week once the internet is set up. Happy ONE WEEK before Christmas!
And, Happy Birthday to me!
Love, KJ


Love, The Jaderstons